A Bullish History: A Brief Company Timeline of Toro Glasswall

Toro Group of Companies was established in 1979. Consisting of six different groups, Toro quickly positioned itself a powerful industry leader in the Greater Toronto Area, offering a very wide range of products including window wall, unitized curtain wall, railing systems and sealed units, all from within one source.

Toro Glasswall is proud to be one of the six Toro Group of Companies that have created a long and successful history in the residential and commercial glazing industry. Toro Glasswall’s relentless commitment to providing office buildings, hotels and condominiums with the strongest, smartest glass available, as well as exceptional customer service, have been key priorities since they day it began, and these qualities have propelled this company to the top of its industry.

Toro Glasswall has shifted from a local glass expert to an international frontrunner over the past 37 years, and has become a trusted name in advanced unitized, pre-glazed curtain wall systems for high-rise commercial buildings and condominiums in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Designed and built by industry experts who are on an unstoppable mission to be the best. That’s the Toro Glasswall difference.